Markings & Bases!

Markings & Bases
Markings are where the real fun starts. Standards as well as Gen 1's may have their markings changed out. The only real limit is what you can afford!
Pets here have their markings 'housed' in slots that live as part of that Pet's own unique profile. There are currently five marking slots available for normal Markings.
There is an additional slot available for special and rare Markings.
The Base has it's own slot as well.
Be sure to check out which Markings go where, because some will 'bump' a Marking you may not want to lose! They are layered on your Felis, and will pass down according to basic breeding guidelines - BUT - anomalies can happen!
Your Pet starts off life if he's a Custom, as a 'raw' Base. Then, you get to choose a Base of your own liking to apply to his appearance and then add in five Markings, or however many you like. Remember you can have a total of five. They can be swapped out for others for the life of the Custom!

Gen 2 and lower can also swap their Markings and Bases!
A second or farther down Gen will have some of the Markings carried, as well as a Base from the Father.
The father will pass down Markings housed in the first, fourth and fifth slots, and the mother will pass down what is housed in the second and third.
Usually always, the Base is from the Father, as are Wings.
But you can always purchase and add a rare Base!
Gene Gender Bending:
So let's say you have a Male and he has a Marking or Base you really want passed on, but it's on the wrong slot. Well, that won't carry ... but! Don't worry, you can use an Item called a MTF ( male to female ) and change him - temp or perm - to a female. Voila! Now, he will pass on the Marking to his - her - children! Then you can change him back, if you like.
So this way, if you are able to purchase the Items to allow you to do so, you are able to have most Markings pass down if you so choose.
Markings Effects.
Note: Markings do not blend or merge or combine, they will overlap or underlap what is there. However if you really want that blended effect, some of the Markings have a counterpart in Bases!

Special Bases & Markings:

Rare are released once a year, for one week. Then they are not available again for an entire year. Announced.

Super Rare are released 
at random times. They are available for one week. Announced.
Unique are released one time only!  --- and there is usually NO announcement of this before hand. Whoever is lucky enough to be on will be able to purchase them!